Sally Bee’s story starts with a breath, one thing that we humans do every single day without a thought. Fifteen years ago, Sally’s breath changed her life forever.

At the age of 36, whilst at a party, Sally experienced severe chest pains and was admitted to hospital and was then discharged and given indigestion tablets. The same thing happened a few days later and she was re-admitted to hospital where the Doctors confirmed she had suffered a major heart attack – this being the second. That year she suffered another serious heart attack. In 2015, Sally was diagnosed with a rare condition called fibromuscular dysplasia. This is where the blood vessels are narrow in areas of the body and can cause heart attacks and strokes. In Sally’s case, these narrow blood vessels are in her brain, neck, heart, kidneys and legs. 12 years later, Sally suffered a further two heart attacks.

The breath that changed Sally’s life, changed her outlook too. Her rare condition is un-curable, however, that has made her more determined as a person. Sally’s willpower to focus on her health, body and mind has made her realise that anything is possible. She has shared her journey through motivational speaking and penned six successful publications to date, which include; surviving a heart attack, healthy living, diet, food and wellness.

Sally’s story has inspired others and she has a dedicated fan base who subscribe to a Members Area on her website. Sally uploads weekly inspirational videos offering tips, advice and recipes for her Member’s to help achieve their goals and grow their confidence.


With Sally Bee’s increase of followers she approached Monster Creative to develop a completely new system that was capable of taking the new business to new levels across several platforms. We built a new membership and subscription platform using a WordPress CMS.

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