At Monster Creative we like to do things logically and methodically to get the best results. Therefore, in the initial meeting there are a range of things to discuss before the wireframing and conceptual design can begin. It is crucial that we understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ people want to use your website, as this is the fundamental aspect of the whole project. We’ll also need to know the target audience and type of content, as this information determines the overall style of the site. A website designed for an online fashion retailer will look totally different to an information heavy financial company.

Wireframing and conceptual design is important in the early stages of creating your website, as it helps to establish the initial structure. A wireframe is a simple layout of the page, showing what interface elements will appear where. It is important that this happens before the creative phase begins, so no time or money is wasted, and we can deliver your project on time.

Next, Monster Creative will provide you with a basic visual concept in the early stages of the wireframing and conceptual design process, so we can ensure you are happy, and it gives you the chance to input your ideas. Designing the visuals involves sketching out lots of different ideas, and is an easy and quick way to communicate. Many designers in a range of industries won’t touch a computer until they have sketched their ideas. And remember, sketching isn’t just for designers, it is a great way for clients to get their ideas across.

Based upon all the information gathered so far, the final phase of the wireframing and conceptual design process is add the content and final visual elements. This is where we move from the sketches to realistic images of what the website will look like using software such as Photoshop, or we can move straight to the prototype stage and give you access to a development site. We encourage feedback throughout, and like to openly exchange ideas until a final design is agreed.

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