Web applications (or web apps) are completely different to websites in terms of the design process. Instead of launching through an operating system (desktop), web apps are accessed through a web browser. These days it is common for businesses to offer both types, as different users prefer different things on different devices. Most files are compatible between the online version and the desktop version, for example Gmail and Google Docs.

Over the years internet usage has increased rapidly, which is the driving force behind creating web applications. Companies are transitioning from traditional methods to cloud-based models, that are more streamlined and more efficient. This is encouraged by the increase in employees working remotely in all parts of the world, and using tablets and mobiles.

There are many advantages to using web applications. First, they run on a range of platforms, irrelevant of the device or operating system. Second, everyone accesses an identical version, which removes compatibility issues. Third, space limitations are a things of the past, as web apps aren’t installed on the hard drive. And finally, less maintenance and support is required which in turn reduces costs for end users and businesses.

Of course, there a few disadvantages of web applications too, although outweighed by the advantages. The most obvious being their reliance on the internet. If there is no signal on your mobile device or your internet has gone down, you will not be able to access your web app, however some apps now offer a ‘work offline’ function. It is argued stored data is less secure due to using the cloud, but on a positive note there are many ways to reduce the risk, which we take very seriously here at Monster Creative. Lastly, there is a huge range of browsers available these days, which means the web app must be supported across the board. Similarly this applies to screen sizes.

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