UX and UI strategy is a long term plan created at the beginning of your website design process.

The first stage of UX and UI strategy is deciding upon the content, then working out how the user will flow through the site to reach your end goal, such as a purchase. Of course the whole look of the website is important and colour schemes and fonts must be thought about, however user interface and user experience are the key to success.  At Monster Creative, we can plan all of this for you.

So what exactly is discussed when planning UX and UI strategy?

  • Vision statement – What is the company about? This should be a few sentences on who the company are and defines the scope of the project.
  • Business goals – What is the purpose of designing the website? More traffic? More sales? Actual facts are figures are helpful. Realistically, how much more traffic or sales do you want?
  • Customer research – Who are the target audience? Are they generally tech-savvy? What do they want from the site?
  • Online persona – How do you want the site come across? Professional? Funny? It is key to be specific here. Saying “fast” or “easy” isn’t useful, all websites should be fast and easy to use.
  • Specifications – What pages and information must the website contain?
  • Interaction flow – How are the users going to get to the end-goal?
  • Organizing content – How are the users going to navigate through the site as a whole?

The answers to the above questions don’t need to be set in stone, but constantly making changes is inefficient and can be expensive. It is also a good idea to write all the answers down and create a short summary document. This should then be shared with everyone on the team, so both the designers and the customers.

The next stage of UX and UI strategy is creating drawings, mockups and a prototype, which is constantly shared and feedback should be encouraged. Once everyone is happy, the website can be built. Then the crucial part is a usability study before the site goes live to the world. Testers shouldn’t have been involved in the design process, so can give honest comments without already knowing how the site works.

UX and UI strategy may seem unnecessary to some, but in the end it saves time and money in getting the best results.


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