User experience, or UX, is a crucial factor of websites. Users need to easily navigate around your website and find it enjoyable to use. Whether that’s on a phone, tablet, PC or other device, the user satisfaction should be equally high. UX and interactive design is vital to ensure this satisfaction, making sure the site works best to suit your consumers and your end goals.

Different sites require different UX and interactive design, and here at Monster Creative we will cater to your needs. Times have moved on since simple graphic design, with “Click here” buttons. Users can type, swipe, hover, click, fill out forms, and much more, and of course different target audiences will feel more comfortable with different interactions.

The crux of UX and interactive design is “is this website easy to use?” It should take minimal time for the new user to learn how to use the website, they should be able to perform the correct tasks quickly and easily, it should be enjoyable to use, and there should be as few errors as possible, but if users are making errors, they should be supported and helped to rectify them. These important factors come from having good initial structuring and organisation of the website.

UX and interactive design tends to be based around the digital world, and the term was only created a few decades ago. At Monster Creative, we will design the site to interact with the user’s goals, tasks and needs. The key is to balance the user’s experience with the business’ goals via their computers or devices. You could have a perfectly designed website visually, but if it’s difficult to use, its likely that customers won’t return. Some good starting points to improve your designs are keeping text narrative, understanding your target users and knowing that the digital world is forever evolving.

At Monster Creative, we understand the importance of UX and interactive design, and can work with your business ideas and concepts to create the perfect website and meet your goals. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you design and build your website.

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