Internet-enabled devices and wearables are currently a very hot topic, and the industry is evolving fast. Therefore it is a good idea to start thinking if it will suit your company, at Monster Creative we can give advice and help build a platform that would suit you. These devices allow users to access the information they care about quickly. The concept of wearable devices have been around for years, the first pedometer was created in 1780! We then moved on to digital watches and bluetooth headsets, but now things are really starting to take off with wearable cameras and recording glasses.

Examples of internet-enabled devices and wearables are watches, voice controlled wireless speakers and fitness trackers. Wearable devices contain small electronic components and clever software that are worn on the body and offer practical features and functions. They can be used for a range of reasons, from navigation tools to communication gadgets, health monitoring to data syncing. Some of these gadgets don’t need an internet connection, but many do, and can link with phones, tablets and computer at the touch of a button, wired or wireless.

Of course, there are pros and cons of internet-enabled devices and wearables. One of the benefits is there is less of a delay in getting the information you need, as its always on your body. It is also more discreet, this can be interpreted as a positive in terms of safety and is less disruptive to your environment. Some people will also argue devices are more fashionable! On the other hand, a con could be the versatility, a keyboard can only get so small until it isn’t usable. Wearables also tend to have a shorter battery life than their full size counterparts, and understandably need to be removed to charge, so cannot be worn at all times like a normal watch may be.

Internet-enabled devices and wearables are growing in popularity, and in time their current drawbacks will be resolved. Give Monster Creative a call and discuss with us the possibilities of adapting your website design with this tech in mind. Our open-minded and efficient style will ensure we work together to create the best outcome and help achieve your business goals and targets.


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