Web design and development

Your new website should to look great and reflect your company’s values, but above all else it needs to satisfy the needs of your target market.

UX and interactive design

Your website needs to be usable and accessible in order to enhance user satisfaction, and interactive design plays a pivotal role in helping to establish what works best for consumers. At Monster Creative, as interactive designers, we’ll take into consideration suitable interactive behaviour and the features and information important to the user.

Wireframing and conceptual design

Monster Creative use a wireframe in the early development process of your website to establish the initial structure. We do this to provide a visual understanding for the client early on in the project. You’ll then approve this before the creative phase gets underway – this is when we’ll add the content and the final visual elements.

eCommerce and content management

Your eCommerce website needs to generate sales. But building an effective eCommerce website is about more than just great layout and design. It’s also about understanding your customers and their wants and needs. It is important your eCommerce website returns the most accurate and appropriate results from a search query to encourage sales, something we can implement, alongside a secure order system to create an effective eCommerce system.
Do you need a strategic marketing approach focused on distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content? Then our content management solutions could be the perfect fit for your business. Monster Creative will help you create, share and promote your online material, including blogs, videos and social media posts.

Mobile and responsive technology

At Monster Creative, we take a responsive approach to web design. In simple terms, this means our web pages automatically adapt to the layout of any size screen or web browser. More people than ever before are choosing to browse the internet on their mobile devices, so responsive web design has never been more important.

Internet-enabled devices and wearables

Although full-blown web design for wearable tech may be a while off, it is not too early to start thinking about web design that allows wearable users to access the information they care about. Discuss with us the possibilities of adapting your website design with this tech in mind.

Web applications

We understand that designing web applications is completely different to designing websites. A web application can be visited dozens of times per day, as opposed to a website that is visited one or twice a day by a single user. With this in mind, your web application will be designed with a focus on efficiency and simplification.

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