Here at Monster Creative we offer a wide range of writing services, from blog posts to website copy. You can be involved as much or as little as you like, but we’ll make sure the copy is suited to your business, and optimised for SEO.

Most people think of writing services as basic website content, and of course, this is extremely important. At Monster Creative we are very experienced and ensure our copy is of a very high standard. Usually readers are hunting for something in particular like a product or key fact, so it’s strategic to make things obvious for them. The best way to do this is put the most important information at the top, and then go into more detail below. In the fast paced world will live, people rarely read every word and tend to scan text instead, so simplicity is key.

As well as typical website content, we also offer blog writing services. Blogs need to be updated regularly and kept relevant. Based on your criteria we’ll create interesting posts that you can review online and let us know if any changes are required. We’ll then either email them or upload them to your chosen platform, such as WordPress. Similarly to blogs, we can write articles too, just let us know your specification!

Many people don’t consider emails and eCommerce being a writing service, but it is at Monster! Email is such a powerful marketing tool these days, and all businesses no matter how big or small should be utilising it. We can also help writing content for eCommerce, such as product descriptions.

All of these writing services have a goal, whether its enjoyment, inspiration, education or persuasion. The content must reflect your brand and have continuity through writing style and visuals, whilst still nailing SEO challenges to boost organic traffic. This includes adding backlinks to other pages, focusing on keywords, and frequently visiting old posts to keep them up to date.

If you need help with writing services, get in touch with us today and see the range of skills that we have on offer to save you time and improve your site.

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