It has been reported that tweets containing images get 150% more retweets than those with just text. This just shows the importance of visual content.  At Monster Creative, we can help you make the most of visual content.

There are a few forms of visual content:

  • Images – This is the most obvious choice, and can be used in social media, and also to break up large bodies of text on standard pages, blogs and articles. Try to take or create your own images to add a personal touch to your company.
  • Videos – Great for explaining a problem and offering a solution, such as How To videos. Although these days people’s attention spans are getting shorter when using social media, so think carefully about the length of your video. You can get away with a longer video on your site. Although probably the most expensive type of visual content, it’s better to spend a bit more time and money on creating a great video than a sub-standard one which will reflect poorly on your company.
  • Screenshots – Useful for relating to customers and seeing things through their eyes. For example, you could annotate a screenshot of your app or page explaining all your features.
  • Presentations – SlideShare is a perfect way to show off your presentations to the world. They should be used when there is too much information to fit on an infographic, and keep your company branding strong throughout.
  • Infographics – The perfect way to show complex data in an interesting manner. It can be quite tricky to design infographics, as it is vital to combine the perfect layout, design, colours and fonts to take the reader through a story whilst keeping them entertained.
  • Memes – Typically an image or photo with a humourous caption. They are very popular at the moment and a great way of trying to build a community and get shares. However, they are only suitable for certain businesses, usually based upon a younger demographic.

Its undeniable that visual content is highly beneficial for any company, just make sure you are using the right type. If you need help deciding which is best for you and then designing and implementing it online, get in touch with Monster Creative today.

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