User interaction is all about getting people to engage with your content and social media posts. It shouldn’t be thought of as a one time thing, but more like a long-term relationship and trying to engage with a customer over a period of time. Of course, the end goal is usually revenue based, but before that comes targets like improving brand awareness and making customers feel included.

Here are some tips to boost your user interaction:

  • Get users involved – Create content that makes users feel included and like they are adding value to your business. This could be an interactive competition, or discussing users ideas. That way they will be more willing to share your posts and help reach a wider audience.
  • Be creative – It can be all too tempting to just self-promote, but this may irritate some followers, so be sure to mix up your content with other industry topics. Blogs and how-to videos are a great way to do this. It also shows that you can about your sector, and want to add value to your customers.
  • Interact directly – Some users will contact you through social media, so try and respond as quickly as possible with a helpful answer. It may be worth promoting your answer as other users might have the same question.
  • Videos and GIFS – Take images one step further by using gifs and videos, these are stimulating and again, should add value to the customer.
  • Commenting on content – Allow users to write comments at the end of blog posts and respond if appropriate.

The above methods are great for increasing user interaction, but always keep the end goal at the back of your mind. Try and add a call to action wherever possible. For example, when directly answering a users question, send them to a page on your site that might help, say they are asking if you sell lamp shades, don’t get say yes, send them a direct link to your lamp shades. Or add a “Click here to find out more” at the end of your video.

The amount of money thrown at a campaign doesn’t directly relate to results, its much more about the user interaction from a well thought-out campaign. Get in touch with Monster Creative if you want some help in improving your user interaction on social media.

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