Packaging, POS and labels come in a whole world of shapes and styles. It may seem like an afterthought once you have created your product, but people won’t be interested in your product if they don’t like your packaging. Products should be instantly recognisable by their packaging, as it really does differentiate a brand from its rivals.

Its important to be creative with your packaging, POS and labels, whilst still sticking to the growing list of guidelines created by supermarkets, fees from postage companies and spend-savvy shipping logistics. The word ‘creative’ could also be described as ‘disruptive’, really grabbing the attention of potential customers and standing out.

Although we have just discussed packaging, POS and labels being disruptive, certain aspects of them also need to be simple. If text is cluttered and convoluted, the average shopper will just move on.

A lot of what was discussed above was relevant to shopping in a store, but what about online sales? These days, shipping boxes are much more than just a form of protecting a product. Although customers won’t choose your product based upon the packaging, POS and labels, it should still be thought about and can help to retain customers and give them a positive view of your brand. Dotcom Distribution reported that 52% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases online if they receive their product in premium packaging. Any even more so, if your design is that effective, they may share it on social media, and who doesn’t want that? Its easy to add a logo onto a shipping box, or use printed tape, ribbons and tissue paper. Naturally, your packaging needs to suit your business. It is likely that adding these personal touches will involve some sort of cost increase, so you need to weigh up whether it is worth it to strengthen your brand.

If your packaging is falling behind your product, get in contact with Monster to find out the huge range of services we can offer to give your packaging designs a boost. In turn, helping you attract new customers, and retain your old ones.

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