Creative retouching in the broad sense is getting an image ready for final show. A range of techniques can be used, and the changes can be minimal or dramatic, however its likely that every image you see in the media has been enhanced in some form.

A lot of people think creative retouching is just used on models in beauty campaigns, but have you ever seen a picture of a landscape that just looks to good to be true? It probably is. Two images could have been joined together to get a great beach and a great sky. And how do the cars in adverts always look so shiny? Or think about Instagram with its filter options. Even the most basic images probably have gone through some retouching, such as sharpening or dust removal.

The type of creative retouching used all depends on what the client wants. This will be discussed in the design brief. It is far more technical than just removing an imperfection on Photoshop though. If the image is being printed, you need to think about what paper it is being printed on because each type has a different level of ink absorption, and what country is it being used in, because yellow ink used in Europe is less warm than the yellow ink used in North America. Also, what format does the final image need to be in, different printers or agencies will require it in different formats, and this could determine what software needs to be used.

The rate charged for creative retouching is based on the type of image being retouched, and the level of retouching that is required. The better the photograph to start with probably means the less enhancement is required. So the photographer needs to think about lighting, aperture, backgrounds etc.

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