Commercial reprographics is a generic term that encompasses a range of methods to reproduce content. It can be literally split into ‘reproducing graphics’. For example, digital print, scanning and photography. It is valid for both hard and soft copies, i.e. physical and digital items.

It is effectively duplicating content using modern technologies, so not via drawing or sketching. Let’s look a little deeper into some methods that can be used within commercial reprographics:

  • Photographs – We all know what photography is, but scientifically it uses a lens to focus reflected light, then it uses chemicals electrics to record this light.
  • Photocopying – Perfect if you need multiple copies of a printed document. Photocopying works by light hitting the image and being reflected onto mirrors. The official term for this is xerography.
  • Blue prints – Reproducing a technical drawing, like engineering designs or architectural documents. This is done using light-sensitive sheets of paper and a contact print process. It is a very old method, dating back to the 19th century and allowed quick, precise replicas.
  • Digital printing – As you would expect, this is taking a digital image from a computer (or possibly directly from another piece of equipment like a camera) and printing it using laser or inkjet printers. Basic home printers would probably not meet the quality or speed requirement for commercial purposes.

There are other methods, like stencils, relief printing and intaglio printing, however these would not be used on a commercial scale.

Choosing the right method for commercial reprographics depends on a range of factors. Such as the number of duplicates that need to be created, the time that they need to be produced it and the quality they need to meet. Another consideration is the size of new duplicate, in a some cases it is possible to scale up or down the original work.

Copyright should always be considered when producing commercial reprographics, and if the original content isn’t yours, you should check with the owner if you are allowed to use it.

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