Web authority can be split into two sections: page authority and domain authority. Combined, these improve your website’s value according to Google, causing your rating to increase and your search results to jump up the rankings. In simple terms, this means more clicks to your site!

The first thing to tackle in web authority is your pages. These are rankings of an individual page within your website. Factors that influence your page authority include having external links from other pages with a high authority, this acts as a “vote of confidence”. For example, having a link from an article on The Guardian newspaper website. Other factors can be: having lots of Facebook shares, comments and likes linking to a specific page, having lots of subdomains linking to the page, and having lots of unique IPs linking to the page.

The next thing to taking within web authority is your domain authority. This is the ranking of an overall website on search engines. Typically, websites that have a lot of high-quality external links will have a strong domain authority. The best way to increase domain authority is to improve SEO across the whole site, as well as some of the tips mentioned above, such as having lots of unique IPs linking to the domain.

So how do you know which websites to target for links? Well, its probably ones you have heard of, such as BBC, The Telegraph and other popular industry blogs, but niche websites can still be highly regarded. Having one link from any of these high authority sites is better than having lots of links from low authority sites. Who decides which sites have authority? Yep, you guessed it, Google (other search engines are available!)

So to conclude, improve your overall web authority with valued links from external sources and high quality SEO throughout. If you need help creating a strategy to improve your web authority, and then implementing it to get optimal SEO results, get in touch with Monster today to find out how we can work together to get your website up the infamous Google rankings!

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