We’ve spoken lots about ways to improve SEO on a website, but there are some extra factors to really improve technical aspects. These are more than just keywords and relevant content.

  • HTML sitemaps are crawl friendly for Google and users- This is a page on your website that has a list of links, and can also appear at the bottom of every page so Google can enter your site from anywhere on the whole website. Its a win win, both humans and search spiders use it to navigate the site.
  • XML sitemaps are purely for search spiders – It can just be a text file listing your website pages, so doesn’t have to look good as users won’t see it, but do make sure its kept up to date. It helps ensure the search spiders are crawling your important pages.
  • Make it snappy – How many times have we said Google is clever? It works out site loading speed and this contributes to your rank. Slow websites are infuriating, and Google knows this, so won’t list them at the top. There are loads of ways to make your site faster, from clean code to the number of calls its making. Contact us at Monster if you need help speeding up your site.
  • Errors – If search spiders find lots of web server errors, Google will lower your rank. A good house keeping tip it to check your server regularly for errors.
  • Images with text – Search spiders can’t see text that’s hidden within images, neither can it see Flash content, so if you are trying to convey important information or keywords, avoid these. Or if you can’t avoid them, use Alt tags.
  • Responsive websites – Google is all about usability, and therefore with the increased use of mobile devices, responsive website are a plus in Google’s eyes. Monster are experts in responsive technology, so let us know if you want to convert your website to be responsive.
  • Site structure – Ensure your site’s structure is methodical and logical. Link pages within your own website, especially important ones.
  • Duplicate content – Not good! Keep content, pages and URLs original, both within your own website and using content from others.

The list above isn’t easy, but really helps improve technical SEO, and puts your site a cut above the rest.

If you need help to improve technical aspects of your website, get it touch with Monster to see how we can work together to get you up the ranks.

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