Heard the buzz-phrase “content is king” before? Well, it is true for SEO. Content building is a great (and cheap) way to attract organic traffic from search engines.

Just like all SEO and PPC fundamentals, content building requires good knowledge on your keywords. A good guide is to use your keyword at least once per paragraph, in your page title, page URL and meta-description. Use it everywhere! If you are finding your keyword difficult to use, think whether it is really relevant and what you want to be appearing for on search engines.

Content building comes in a range of formats, all as useful as the other.  Here is a list to consider adding to your website:

  • Product/service pages – Yes, it’s likely you already have these, but make sure they contain all the right keywords so they act as both a PPC landing page and SEO content.
  • Articles – This can consist of interviews with staff members and industry experts or news stories about your business and industry.
  • Guides or How-To’s – Detailed explanations or instructions on how to do something
  • Lists – A simplified form of an article that is good for quick, easy reading. For example “10 ways to build content for SEO!” They often get good responses from social media.
  • Blog posts – Great for flexibility, and can feature other formats mentioned in this list.
  • Videos – Often accompanied by some text, videos can be a great way of attracting people to your website or demonstrating guides, again, popular on social media.
  • Infographics – These must also be accompanied by text as they are usually in an image format.
  • Directories and glossaries – A very easy way to get lots of keywords onto a page.

Content building should always be on the mind, trying to update old pages and add new ones. However, constantly adding new pages for the sake of it won’t help. Think about recent trends and what is currently popular.

We know it can be difficult to always think up new content, and it can also be quite time consuimg, so let us help you! Get in touch with us to find out how we can work together building content for your website.

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