Content and page relevance is really, REALLY important within SEO. It makes sure the page appearing in the search engine is actually relevant to the keyword searched by the user. You can choose single keywords, a phrase or use multiple keywords (but this is a bit trickier). There are lots of ways to make your content and page relevant:

  • URL – The keyword should appear in the page URL.
  • Page title – The keyword should appear in the title of the page, ideally at the start.
  • Meta description – Put the keyword in the meta description, so when the user sees the search results they will have confidence your page is what they want to click on.
  • Alt tags – This one is often forgotten. If you add an image to your page, add an alt tag within the IMG tag using the keyword, so search engines will find it when crawling through.
  • Headings – Less important and slightly harder to do. It can be difficult to add your keyword into every H1 and H2 tag without reading weird, but bear it in mind.
  • Text – Aim for adding your keyword into each paragraph, and have at least 3 paragraphs to help with keyword density. The text still needs to be reader friendly and not sound forced to keep people engaged. Search engines are clever enough to pick up pages stuffed with keywords. For example “We have lots of dog bowls for sale, red dog bowls, green dog bowls, plastic dog bowls, metal dog bowls, big dog bowls” will not do well!

Content and page relevance is extremely important throughout your whole site, but if you are going to focus on it anywhere, focus on your landing page. If you can get people onto your site you stand a greater chance of achieving your long term goals.

Content and page relevance might seem simple, but realistically it isn’t. Content still needs to be interesting, solve a problem and suit current events. The length of your content doesn’t really matter, as long as its relevant. And always remember, Google is clever! Monster knows the importance of relevance, so get it touch to see what we can do for you and how we can work together for optimal results.

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