Backlink building is extremely important within SEO. It represents a ‘vote of confidence’ in the eyes of Google. If lots of other websites are directing to your website or one of your web pages, Google thinks it must be worth-while.

Backlink building doesn’t mean you should just get as many links as possible to your website. You want to be targeting popular, high-authority sites, such at the BBC or highly regarded industry sites. Even if people don’t click the link on to your site, it is still valuable and can at minimum help with brand awareness.

A good place to start when considering backlink building is viewing your competitors. It is especially hard for new websites or expanding websites. Find out where their backlinks are coming from and the keywords they are using. Your backlinks must also be natural, Google is very clever is working out what is legitimate and what isn’t, and remember, it is better to have one backlink from a high-authority site than lots of backlinks from low-authority irrelevant sites. Quality not quantity! Bad practices can be buying or selling backlinks, or link exchanging. Again, Google is clever, and if they suspect any of these are happening, you will be penalised.

So how do you go about backlink building? Well, you need to create an asset, something that people are interested in and think is valuable, whether that’s because its informative or funny is up to you. It could be a great infographic or a how-to guide. Common themes of web pages that gain backlinks are: interactive, engaging, applicable to lots of people, clean and simple designs, and easy to use. Next, you need to reach out to people and get your content out there to try and build links. An easy way to approach other websites is asking them to write guest post for you, normally a blog. That way, there is a chance they will add the link from their website to their guest post on your site.

Typically, backlink building isn’t a quick process, but over time it will get easier. Get in touch with us at Monster to find out how we can help you!

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