Rigid and fabric materials have the same initial design process as if you were printing on paper. The design can be created on graphic software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

However there are some extra factors to consider when designing for rigid and fabric materials. First up, colours. Know what colour model the printer uses, such as CYMK, before you start the design. The colours are likely to come out slightly different than what you see on your screen, and also be conscious of large blocks of solid colour. Second, finish. Always bear mind the final material that the artwork will be printed on. For example, shiny materials like silk may make colours look lighter, and a thin material may make colours look washed out. It is a good idea to get some print swatches before you start to help you visualise the final product. Third, size. Is the final product a huge banner for an exhibition, or a small wall plaque to go in the office. The answer will certainly affect the original design.

Rigid and fabric materials encompasses a massive range of products, which all require different printing styles. These days you can print on basically anything, from aluminium to canvas, ceramic to plastic, marble to vinyl. What you choose all depends on the intended use. Printing on ceramic tiles for a floor needs to be extremely durable, whereas printing on plastic for an outside sign needs to withstand all types of weather without fading or cracking.

There is a vast range of methods used to print on these materials. For example, rigid plastics can use UV lithographic presses or flexo printing, ceramics can use screen printing or pad printing, aluminium can use direct print of original photo print. The list is endless, but our experience at Monster takes out the guesswork ensuring the right material is chosen for your goal, and the right printing method is used to go with it. Whether you need a one-off bespoke print, short volume runs or high volume production, we know what to do. So get in touch with us today and let us help you get the best results.


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