Remarketing is the perfect way to connect with people who have visited your site, but may not have taken immediate action, such as an inquiry or purchase. It allows your business to position adverts before a targeted audience who has visited your website before, whilst they are looking at other websites.

Remarketing can be extremely cost-effecting in terms of brand awareness and reminding previous visitors about your services and products. They can be either text or image based. Google is a great place to start, creating the campaigns in Google AdWords, because AdWords tracks your visitors and works out a suitable placement for them. Not all websites accept Google advertisements, but the best placement will be worked out for you.

So how does remarketing work? Cookies are placed onto your visitor’s machines when they access your website, then a list is created with all of these cookie IDs. You can create different lists, for example, people that visited particular pages or people that started but did not submit a form. You can add settings to these lists, such as how long a user stays on the list or how frequently they are shown ads. There must be at least 100 cookie IDs on a list before it can be used for a campaign.

There are two key things to remember when created your remarketing advert. First, your ad must be highly relevant to your business. Create different adverts based on your lists. If someone didn’t purchase a product they were looking at, then advertise the product to them again. Second, try to entice them with something more than just the product, maybe offer a discount, or a reward for submitting a form. If you simply want to raise brand awareness, then make simple ads with your logo and what you do. It may be a good idea to display this ad for a longer period of time to ensure potential customers constantly see it.

If you feel like remarketing is something you should be doing (which you probably should!), get in touch with us at Monster to find out how we can help.

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