It’s a good idea to think about local PPC when setting up your ad campaigns. This means targeting your adverts by geographic locations. The location can be different for each campaign, and you can have many locations for each, either specific or broad i.e countries, areas, cities or a radius around a location.

For example, a small independent, local shop that doesn’t deliver will want to target a very small, specific location, whereas a multinational company that ships worldwide will want a very broad location. Furthermore, people often search by location, with key phrases like ‘coffee shops in Hampshire’, so you can focus specific campaigns. AdWords will also advise you on related locations.

Regardless of how good your ad is, you won’t get a great return on investment if your ad isn’t appearing in the right places. Here are some tips to consider for local targeting:

  • Think where your customers are, this may be where you are based, or where you deliver to.
  • Don’t make your radius too small, as your ad may only show for a portion of time or not at all. You need to meet the AdWords criteria.
  • Keep your language and location consistent. If you are targeting Spanish-speaking customers in Spain, make sure the ads are written in Spanish.
  • If suitable, add Google’s suggested locations. However, they could be related but not relevant, in which case exclude them from the campaign. Nearby locations could be useful too to try and broaden your ad.
  • Look at the advanced settings to refine your audience even more. This includes people actually in your location, searching for your location and showing an interest in your location. These settings apply for exclusion options too.

If you switch from a broad location to a more local target base, it is likely you will see a decrease in impressions which may be disconcerting. But remember, it is better in terms of AdWords spend to have fewer clicks from people that are truly interested in your business than lots of traffic from people that will immediately realise your business doesn’t meet their needs.

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