Printing packaging and labels to a high quality is important for any industry. Whether for cupcake boxes or online orders, addresses on envelopes or bags for life. The artwork and design needs to stand out from the crowd to draw customers in, whilst still being simplistic so they don’t immediately move on. You can read about designing packaging, POS and labels here.

Before printing the packaging and labels a few things need to be considered:

  • Packaging material – Packaging materials are typically are paper/cardboard. Recycled materials are trendy at the moment as they show companies to be environmentally friendly.
  • Label adhesive – This can be slightly trickier depending on the product, as different adhesives suit different materials, i.e. glass bottles, cardboard boxes or plastic packaging. The chosen adhesive also depends on where the final product will be stored. For example, some food items will be stored in the freezer, or products that need to survive extreme heat, or even underwater in some cases.
  • Size – Some companies limit their printing services based on size, however Monster believe there is also a solution.
  • Number – Similar to above, we believe all companies should receive their product, regardless of the quantity required.
  • Quality – Obviously quality is important to everyone, but it can come with a cost. So it is important weigh up the best option for you. This effects things like the weight and thickness of paper based products.
  • Colours – This is very simple to sort, but some printers may require CMYK and others may request Pantone colour references. Also beware that colours can appear different depending on what they are printed on.

After the above bullet points have been discussed, samples of the packaging and labels will be shown to the client for fine tuning and approval. This is an important stage to maximise client, and therefore consumer experience.

Get in touch with Monster if you’d like to discuss packaging and labels. We can work together to get the best outcome for you, and our friendly, professional style will ensure you get the end product your company deserves.

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