Infographics are a brilliant way to create visual content, but they must be made well to ensure they perform well. A well designed infographic contains valuable information, and encourages shares on social media, in turn promoting brand awareness.

A great infographic needs a great idea, such as solving a problem, challenging the norm, or changing a perspective. Certain topics will cause controversy and debate, but this encourages opinion and gets people talking about your brand.

Infographics should be focussed on your target audience, what is attractive to a teen interested in music might not grab a working professional in the finance sector. They need to be simple and readable, even if they are conveying complex ideas. In some cases, it may be better to design three separate infographics than one cluttered one.

The word infographic couldn’t be a better name, they should consist of 50% information and 50% graphics. Ideally, showing the information via graphics. Yet so many people get this wrong!

Designers must consider the size of the infographic, and on what platforms it will be promoted on. Often a range of font sizes and font types will be used, so this must be kept in mind in case people are viewing it on a small screen such as a phone. It is also recommended that infographics are no longer than 8,000 pixels, much more and you start to question your user’s attention span! A killer headline is also essential to draw readers in. The title needs to be short, snappy, and explain the infographic. Finally, the designer need to consider the flow of both the content and the visuals. It can be thought of as a story, moving the reader from the title, to the key facts, to the conclusion, whilst offering them enough appealing information to come to a decision themselves.

On a more serious note, remember that infographics are displaying facts and figures, so they must be up to date and correct, from reliable sources, that you you feel confident in citing.

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