Wireframes and modelling are a great way to create 3D designs, whether they are basic or highly intricate. They are made up of polygons, and two common phrases that come up are low poly and high poly.

What does low poly and high poly mean in terms of wireframes and modelling?

  • Low poly – This means a low polygon mesh, and literally translates into the number of polygons used to create the model. Low poly meshes are usually used in real-time applications, such as computer games. It is harder to achieve smooth curves with low poly because fewer polygons means more straight lines.
  • High poly – Like low poly, this actually means high polygon mesh, and is usually used for animated films and special effects. Typically, the more polygons there are, the more detail can be seen in the object. People automatically assume that high poly models are better, however they have drawbacks, the main one being render time.

So, what are the advantages for wireframes and modelling? They are fast to edit for quick design iterations and the model can be seen from all angles. However, the disadvantage is that they can be a bit ambiguous as there is no rendering.

What is the design process for wireframes and modelling?

  1. Like most design processes, the customer should create a brief detailing exactly what they are after and the level of detail required in the final result.
  2. The designer will create sketches, and then turn these into proper 2D drawings.
  3. The designer will decide whether a low poly or high poly model is required.
  4. The designer will create the wireframe model and then depending on the final requirement, either leave it as a wireframe, apply a surface finish, or render the model so it looks realistic.
  5. The client will offer feedback to the designer and any adjustments will be made.

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