Interactive and web based content can be thought of as AR, or Augmented Reality. It is effectively looking at the real world through a computer-generated image, enhancing what the user sees and hears. Augmented reality differs from virtual reality as it more life like and real.

Augmented reality can be used for a huge range of things, such as education, gaming, medical practice and the military. But what can it be used for in terms of interactive and web based content?

Well, the biggest use is for retail websites in online product visualisation. Augmented reality allows potential customers to view products in real-time and real-size. For example, if you were planning on purchasing a new coffee maker, and wanted to see what it would look like sitting in your kitchen, you can use the sellers app or website to display that product in your actual kitchen. You can change the colour or finish, and compare products next to each other. It really helps remove the guess work when buying online. Not only can you see the product in your home or garden, but you can also see how it functions and the moving parts.

Interactive and web based content can also be used in store, which is perfect if you don’t have space to fit all your inventory in your show room. This is great for products like cars or kitchens that generally offer a lot more than the show room allows.

Another great use for augmented reality is marketing. Make brochures interactive instead of just images so the audience can really get a feel for the product.

So what are the benefits of interactive and web based content? You can increase sales by enabling potential customers to buy before they buy, and in turn this will reduce returns. It is also extremely engaging for users and gives the feel of a personalised purchase journey.

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