November 28, 2018

12 ways to increase visitors to your website in 2019

As we get to the end of another year, it presents us with the perfect opportunity to look forward and determine how we are going to approach business throughout 2019. Continue reading to find out our 12 simple steps to increase visitors to your website in 2019.

1. Overhaul & upgrade old blog posts

The first thing to do is overhaul and upgrade old blog posts. You can get more traffic to blog posts you have already written by doing this. Start off with high traffic posts and posts with broken links. You can then review the SEO and fix any errors in your post.

2. Optimise your content with LSI keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. This means keywords that are semantically related to your main keyword. This does not mean synonyms. For example, ‘iTunes’ and ‘Apple’ are both LSI keywords because they are found together and they share the same context.

3. Get more traffic from your blog posts with “content transformation”

This is simple. It means converting one of your blog posts into another format, for example, a podcast, infographic, video or eBook.

4. The content re-launch strategy

Rather than improving your content, why not completely re-launch it in 2018? Select some of your old blog posts and re-work them entirely. By writing your content with fresh long-tail keywords and a new perspective, you will effectively have a new blog post with minimal effort.

5. Create content that appeals to influencers

You are going to need to create content that directly appeals to influencers if you are to have any chance of them sharing it. Content that typically appeals to influencers includes expert roundups, interviews, and list articles. This goes a long way to help increase visitors.

6. Share videos on LinkedIn

If there is one social media network that is growing at a rapid pace, it is LinkedIn. Video, in particular, is showing impressive engagement rates, so this is a good place to start.

7. Reduce your bounce rate

You also need to make a dedicated effort to reduce your bounce rate in 2019. A high bounce rate will hurt your ranking – it is as simple as that. There are lots of ways to reduce your bounce rate, from fixing broken links to speeding up your website.

8. Publish long-form content

Long-form content gets more backlinks and shares than short posts. Start writing blogs over 1,000 words.

9. Optimise for Google’s mobile-first index

Google recently rolled out their Mobile-First Index, meaning Google considers your mobile website first. You will need to optimise with this in mind.

10. Create an active YouTube channel

YouTube is now the second biggest website on the planet, passing Facebook and falling only behind Google. If you’re not capitalising on this, you’re missing out.

11. Steal your competitors’ traffic sources

Use a tool like SimilarWeb to see all of your competitors’ top traffic sources for free!

12. Publish more list posts

List posts are beneficial because they present content in a format that is easy for users to digest, which makes them popular, meaning more shares and… increase visitors!!!

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