Hi There, does your Google ranking play on your mind? It does ours.

If your business is under achieving online filling out this form could be your first step to understanding why and what can be done about it.

Worst case scenario is you could be about to receive a totally free consultation on your current website position within Google’s page ranking system and possibly see the reason why your competitor is leaving you in their dust. Surely that can’t be bad?!

An old website is a bold website.

There is nothing better for us SEO geeks than taking a tired website that hasn’t been touched since mobile phones were… well mobile phones and catapulting it into the beautiful serenity of Google’s Serp’s summit. Especially when some large corp has shelled out £££££’s just to get to page 6… Google often considers long standing domains to be worth more than newer domains which can really help when starting an SEO campaign.

First page Google? What really!??

Contrary to popular belief it is possible to get to the first page of Google, in fact these days it’s so much easier due to the sheer volume of SEO and PPC cowboys out there doing more harm than good to a lot of other sites. Don’t be one of those, fill out the form and let us show you.

Can you put the time in?

Like most things in business and certainly with SEO and PPC you have to be prepared to work your way to the top of that summit. Either by yourself or by using an agent (like us ). It definitely won’t run itself and should be monitored carefully. If you like us are committed to diverting the market share of your relevant ‘industry’ traffic to your site then we welcome you with open arms. We can help you run it or we can run it for you, either way it’ll get done properly.

It is more than a slight understatement to say “WE LOVE SEO & PPC”.
To find out why you’ll need to strap on those crampons and send us this form. In return we’ll show you a glimpse of that beautiful summit.

Getting going(safely!)

Google and their search algorithms are inconceivably complex but the key to succeeding with them is to not try and beat them but work with them, fairly and to their specific requirements. If you try to beat Google for short term gain, you will almost definitely lose the long game.

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